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Please note: Due to a busy order book our lead time to build your custom hand-made Rosary is currently 7 to 10 days. Thank you.


Finally!! A rosary that does not break with generous spacing between beads

We have been building rosaries for over 20 years. It all started with me repairing my friend Sam's rosaries, they were always breaking. After about the 7th cycle of repairs on Sam's rosaries I decided to dismantle the rosary and re-build it from scratch. I wrapped the wire around each end of the beads so the beads could not come apart, this method also lengthens the space between the beads.

It does take a long time to wire wrap a rosary (approximately 5 hours in total), but the end result is worth it. Not only do the rosaries not come apart, the spacing between the beads is more generous so you do not lose count when reciting the rosary (another common complaint).

Wire wrapped rosaries are more expensive initially (because they take a long time to build) but our rosaries are a one-time purchase so the investment is worth it! There are no hidden nasties in the metals we use and we take great care to source only the very highest quality parts.

There are only a handful of rosary makers worldwide who use the traditional wire wrapped method, which makes our rosaries unique and extra special.

All orders to the U.S. are sent by FedEx 2 day priority shipping at no extra cost.

We are a small family-run-business, we pride ourselves on producing the very highest quality Heirloom Rosary Beads. We invest lots if time sourcing the best of materials from around the world - only from ethical and renewable sources.

  • Our Rosaries are ALL hand-made especially for every customer from our workshop in the Scottish Borders
  • All parts painstakingly sourced, or manufactured by us for standout quality
  • With solid sterling silver centers and crucifixes (bronze or argentium silver also available)
  • Made with hand-picked precious or semi-precious gemstones
  • Hardened sterling silver wire, traditionally wrapped by hand (bronze or argentium also available)
  • Heirloom Rosaries, Rosary Bracelets, Christening and First Communion Rosaries and Bracelets, Custom Built Rosaries, Chaplets and Rosary Bracelets

We are so confident in the quality of our wire-wrapped Rosaries that they all carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage as a result of defective parts or workmanship.
Click here for more information about our guarantee.

We know your Rosary is very special, it's not like buying 'off-the-shelf' jewellery! This is why each Rosary we make is caringly hand-made to order specially for you"
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