We believe our Rosary Beads are of the finest quality available anywhere in the world - here are a few reasons why...

Wire-wrapped by hand

Hand-wire-wrapping makes a huge difference! Our Rosary beads are not simply strung together on a length of wire or chain. Every single bead is painstakingly hand-wrapped in a piece of hardened silver/bronze wire - click to see example

This means a full Rosary uses around 13 feet (4 metres) of solid silver wire! And takes a trained craftsman several hours to build.

Similar Rosary making techniques can be found in the States (but are very rare), and you would usually pay at least double for a similarly built Rosary.

All made to order - and customisable

Every Rosary is made to order for each customer, therefore (if you wish) you can choose different parts, stones, lengths etc. This makes your Rosary very unique and special.

Entirely hand-made in the UK

We build everything from scratch from our small workshop in the Scottish Borders allowing us to maintain the very highest levels of quality and workmanship.

Hand-picked gemstones, crucifix's & centrepieces

We go to great lengths to source the finest quality parts from (ethical sources) around the world - this is immediately apparent when you see the superior quality of our pieces.

Lifetime warranty

Although we are confident your Rosary will not break due to the way our Rosaries have been constructed, we offer a life time guarantee against breakage on our wire-wrapped models.